Building stronger ties between partners for improved social services
Innovative solutions for better social services

All over the world, healthcare systems have been shaken to the core by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Ukraine, it has put additional pressure on a system already under strain by internal reform processes and by the ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the country.


DSNS of Ukraine received protective equipment for fighting COVID-19 from GIZ on behalf of the German Government. 13 protective suits, more than 100 fullface shields, 40 medical masks and 200 mobile disinfection devices. “Fighting COVID-19 is the task of the international community.

Our partners shared their vision of the future support for Eastern Ukraine and highlighted the most significant achievements over the past years.

Together with its partners, GIZ implements various projects aimed at improving the situation in the East of Ukraine. More than 1600 activities support medical services, education, public & emergency services in Ukraine. 6,5 million people already benefit from GIZ activities including 350 000 IDPs.

Ukraine is in the middle of the healthcare reform. Citizens do not need to wait in line for an on-call doctor anymore, they can now choose their own family doctors regardless of the home address and based solely on doctors’ competences. Family doctors, in their turn, become more motivated to improve their skills and gain new ones to adapt to changes.

On the eve of the international campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women Campaign’s Initiative for 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence it’s time to look back and see what results has the cooperation of GIZ Ukraine with local partners brought to prevention and elimination of gender based violence especially violence against women and girls.

It’s never too late to learn. Now elderly people in Dnipro have a chance to learn how to use computers, surf Internet and communicate with their friends and families online during courses supported by GIZ Ukraine.

Hello, it’s Hillay and dog therapy. The two concepts that go together.
I’m happy to announce that recent months were very productive and brought new dog therapists to our rows.

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Project Impact

people benefit from our activities
children and youth got improved development conditions
reduced mortality in the result of fires
people get better municipal services

Project Map

First in Ukraine heavy duty rescue vehicle is now in the inventory of rescue units in Donetsk Oblast [VIDEO]

First in Ukraine heavy duty rescue vehicle is now in the inventory of rescue units in Donetsk Oblast [VIDEO]

Ukrainian Emergency Service Unit in Donetsk Oblast can be more efficient now performing rescuing operations with the new equipment they…

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12 hospitals in eastern Ukraine successfully renovated

12 hospitals in eastern Ukraine successfully renovated

12 Hospitals in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts were renovated to improve treatment and hygienic conditions and reduce the risks of…

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Our Project Results

Our Project Results

At the beginning of 2021 our Program “Perspectives for Eastern Ukraine” celebrated its first birthday. To mark the anniversary, we…

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