12 Hospitals in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts were renovated to improve treatment and hygienic conditions and reduce the risks of Covid-19 and other infection spread.

When the pandemic of Covid-19 hit the world and came to Ukraine more than a year ago, our projects were at the stage of planning. With one of our focuses being on healthcare, it became clear: this sphere needs urgent and timely support.

In the process of the quick needs assessment, we selected 12 hospitals: six in Donetsk and six in Luhansk Oblasts in the government-controlled areas.

The specific needs of each hospital varied but they included zoning and partitions to divide the flows of patients, providing sensor for sliding doors and for water taps inside the hospitals, renovations in sanitary units and new equipment to help treat patients. As the need for help was urgent, our teams delivered the needed assistance as fast as we could.

So, what was done till spring 2021 and how did our interventions have an impact?

Kramatorsk city hospital #3 (Donetsk oblast) — the hospital assigned as the “First Wave” treatment facility for Covid-19 patients – got renovations in the laboratory (separate building) where the Covid-19 samples are handled. New windows and exterior doors were installed. Also bathtubs and washbasins equipped with taps and shower faucets for processing special laboratory equipment were delivered.

The central infection hospital in Donetsk Oblast located in Kostiantynivka city, where around 200 patients with Covid-19 are received every month, was supported with installation of new metallic interior doors with automatic threshold. In the wings of facility we arranged the zoning to segregate the flows of patients and prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection inside the hospital. Moreover, some chambers for CO-19 patients were equipped with new windows.

In Myrnohrad city hospital (Donetsk oblast), hot water supply boilers as well as new wash basins were installed in the wards accommodating Covid-19 patients.

In Velyka Novosilka hospital (Donetsk oblast) the wards for Covid-19 patients were partially renovated. Partitions to separate the staff-patient flows, hot water boilers, new water basins and shower boxes were installed.

Renovations of laboratory and installation of sanitary equipment (shower boxes, water basin units, hot water boilers) were made in Toreck central city hospital (Donetsk oblast).

The patients of the rayon hospital in Volnovakha (Donetsk oblast) can now benefit from the fully renovated hospital laundry with newly finished walls and flooring, windows, interior doors, upgraded lights wiring and modern hot water boilers, shower boxes and water basin units. This project was realized in partnership with UNHCR, which provided hospital with new laundry equipment.

In Bakhmut (Donetsk oblast), we performed partial renovations of sanitary premises for medical staff (numbering up to 30 people) and patients (around 120 people per month), as well as renovations in 2 wards for post-Covid-19 patients.

A lot has been done in Sievierodonetsk city hospital (Luhansk oblast): internal aluminum doors for separating the flows of staff and patients installed, sensor water taps and special boxes for exchange for food and medicines in Covid-19 department provided.

Starobislk rayon hospital (Luhansk oblast) medical staff (2 doctors and 14 people of middle and junior medical staff) in infection department, where in the first quarter of 2021 155 people with Covid-pneumonia were treated, can be safer now thanks to the arranged zoning which separates the flows of medical personnel and patients, as a contribution to safety and prevention the infection spread. Among other things, a sensor sliding door was installed for this purpose.

Similar changes were made in the infectious department of Bilovodsk hospital (Luhansk oblast).

Patients of Lysychansk central city hospital (Luhansk oblast) can now witness the renovations in two reception areas of the infection department (for admissions of pationts with suspicion of CO-19), new separate entrance for such patients and a porch.

And finally, hospital in Rubizhne (Luhansk oblast) had partial repairs in the treatment room for medical equipment in the sterilization department, where also CO-19 linked equipment is processed.

New doors in Kostiantynivka central infectious hospital

Renovated laundry in Volnovakha central city hospital

Renovated ward post-Covid-19 patients. Bakhmut city hospital

The renovations are part of our contribution to stabilize the difficult situation in which the healthcare system of the region is now, which has been affected by the conflict in the East, complicated by the ongoing reform processes and the current Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to our support the medical personnel will be better protected and more able to look after their patients, and the patients already benefit from better care and conditions at the hospitals.

With this in mind, we continue our support and already plan more renovations in other hospitals in the region. Next in line are the hospitals in Dobropillia and Lyman (Donetsk Oblast), where we are planning significantly strengthen the institutional capacity to provide medical services to the locals.

Also, we support with points infrastructure interventions small health and social facilities in rural area through local non-governmental organizations. In general, we started construction works on 2 sites and planning to start 5 sites more in this year.