On the first day of the international campaign “16 days of activism against gender-based violence”, we would like to emphasize the importance of measures to tackle this issue.

 As the whole world has been spending more time home, the reports about cases of domestic violence has shown alarming increase. According to the national hotline for prevention of family violence, human trafficking and gender discrimination operated by NGO La Strada, the number of domestic violence cases in Ukraine has doubled since last year. 

To attract attention to the problem and contribute to its resolution we join the campaign with a number of initiatives.

To start the campaign, We opened a Mural in the city of Kreminna (Luhanska Oblast). The initiative has been made possible in cooperation with the local social services department and a local artist Yan Ptushko.

In cooperation with our partners we started an initiative to work with perpetrators of domestic violence, with the plan of the activities ranging from modernization of the existing materials, trainings psychologists to advocation the governmental correction tools. Please read more in our article CORRECT AND TEACH RATHER THAN RESTRICT AND PUNISH

Jointly with our partners in eastern Ukraine we train local psychologists to provide efficient services to population, use more complex approaches to look into the problems of domestic violence. Read more here>>

We support the functioning of the shelter for victims of GBV in Sloviansk.

We support informational campaigns: a thematic billboard in Sloviansk, leaflets and merchandize items to enlighten the local population on the problem and their rights. 

Sometimes people have to endure domestic violence in everyday life without even realizing that things can change. To illustrate different types of domestic violence we prepared a series of short clips. WATCH VIDEO

With these initiatives we hope to decrease the cases of domestic and gender-based violence, make people think, talk, know about it, prove that it is an issue, make victims confident about their rights and show them that there is a way out.