Project Special Assistance Program for Eastern Ukraine will be implemented in 10 municipalities in Donetsk region and 10 municipalities of Luhansk regionThe project’s primary objective is to support communities in the sphere of social and healthcare services through provision of advisory services, trainings and small-scale infrastructure measures.

Online meetings between representatives of the Cluster Perspectives for Eastern Ukraine chaired by the Cluster director Ms. Lena Flitta and representatives of Luhansk and Donetsk regional state administrations took place yesterday, on June 18, 2020. 

Lena Flitta, manager of GIZ Cluster

During these videoconferences representatives of GIZ and both administrations discussed features of the Project, identified priority lines of effort and discussed the lists of municipalities selected for the project implementation. 
This Project will encompass healthcaresocial servicesand infrastructure of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and will aim at supporting communities in introducing sustainable development strategies for the above. 
With regard to healthcare, focus will be on developing capacities of the hospitals by means of counselling in developing strategies based on the medical reform, as well as trainings in change management in order to determine and achieve primary objectives and ensure basic medical services in rural area (analysis of the possibility to introduce mobile servicesetc. 
In the sphere of social services it is planned to provide support in developing action plans with priority measuresThis support will include advisory servicesdevelopment and introduction of digital solutionsAnd holding trainings for social workers in mobile social services provision as well. 

Representatives of Donetsk Oblast Administration on videoconference with GIZ

This project will be implemented till 2022 and will be aimed primarily at supporting communities with underdeveloped social and healthcare networks. 

Criteria for selecting partners

Selection criteria Project focus
Community size Small communities located in rural areas
The volume of international aid Communities with low volume of international technical assistance
The concept of medical institutions development Communities with the concept of medical institution developed or being developed
Availability of mobile medical services Communities with underdeveloped mobile health services
Availability of mobile social services Communities with underdeveloped mobile social services
Involvement of civil society in the provision of social services Communities with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and volunteers involved in the provision of social services
Willingness to cooperate Communities that have expressed interest in cooperation and willingness to provide organizational, technical and financial support to the Project
Formulation of community needs and expectations from cooperation Communities clearly formulated their needs and expectations from cooperation with the Project


TOP-10 * potential partners

Luhansk region Donetsk region
1 Bilovodska OTG 1 Illinivska OTG
2 Chmyrivska OTG 2 Selidivska OTG
3 Lozno-Oleksandrivska OTG 3 Lymanska OTG
4 Nyzhnioduvanska OTG 4 Novogrodivska OTG
5 Lysychanska OTG 5 Cherkaska OTG
6 Novoaydarska OTG 6 Shahivska OTG
7 Krasnorichenska OTG 7 Pokrovska OTG
8 Markivska OTG 8 Mykolajivska OTG
9 Pidhorivska OTG 9 Mangushska OTG
10 Starobilska OTG 10 Dobropilska OTG

* according to the Perspective plan. Some of the represented communities are already united as of 01.06.2020