German Government continues supporting Ukraine in fighting emergencies. Today, 6 fire rescue vehicles were officially delivered to the city of Kyiv from the German Government and the City of Munich within the frame of the project “Strengthening of the Capacities of the Ukrainian Emergency Services” implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

The vehicles will be used by Kyiv Rescue Service and will help the rescuers to make their work more efficient and better respond to emergencies. The vehicles are three urgently needed fire vehicles, as well as two turntable ladders and a hydraulic rescue arm. The vehicles can be used in case of catastrophes, during road traffic collisions, chemical explosions and other emergency situations in Kyiv.

“In the medium and long term perspective, Ukrainian actors involved in civil protection should be able to protect civil society on their own. We support their efforts by providing equipment and trainings for staff as well as advising them on further steps”, said Tobias Schrader, responsible for Economic Cooperation at the German Embassy in Kyiv. “The vehicles, which were purchased at the request of the city of Kyiv, are a big step in this direction.”

The cars have new modern equipment established inside which helps fight fires, take people out of the damaged cars and provide first aid. The vehicles include concrete saws, a geophone to locate, a drone, a spectrometer and hydraulic rescue equipment. They decrease the time needed to respond to emergencies which helps to save more people.

“It’s important for us to keep working with Ukrainian communities and help the communities to fight emergencies. We believe that both rescuers and citizens benefit from having modern fire vehicles and equipment as they do not only help to fight emergencies, they help save more lives”, said Christian Poschmann, team leader of the project “Strengthening of the Capacities of the Ukrainian Emergency Services”.

GIZ, on behalf of the German government has been supporting the Emergency Services of Ukraine by providing fire vehicles, equipment and renovating fire stations since 2015. Since then, 150 units in 120 communities have been equipped with new equipment including 2,000 respirators, 5,500 full-face masks, 4,100 personal protective suits, 240 kilometers of fire hose, 50 water pumps, 60 tons of foam extinguishers, 12 rugged ambulances, 37 pre-assembly vehicles and 3,500 pairs of firefighting gloves and firefighting boots and helmets to the partners. GIZ also provided more than 50 trainings for firefighters and rescuers where they learn how to use new rescue equipment, get first aid knowledge and learn to work with rescue dogs.