On 1 December 2020, the first health school in Zaporizhzhya region, has been opened in the village of Petropil, community Shyroke

Health is the most valuable thing we have and the current situation with the new coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 proves this again.

In Ukrainian communities taking care of one’s health and health of one’s family unfortunately often fades into insignificance when there are difficulties in meeting the basic needs.

The knowledge how to provide first aid is not better.

“In Germany every employee of a large enterprise is obliged to do first aid training every six months. All public spaces have first aid kits, there are defibrillators on public transport stops. And now let us have a look at our country. If someone feels unwell out in the streets he or she is going to lay there alone until ambulance arrives. Why do Ukrainians react this way? Because they do not know what to do,” says Iryna Shkabarnia, Director of the medical centre “Shyroke community family doctor”.

In order to improve the situation, GIZ has initiated a project to create a health school in one of its partner communities.

This school will focus on two areas:

·      teaching the population (both medical workers and citizens) how to provide first aid;

·      teach people to respect their own health and take care of it.

“The School’s second area of work is to teach people to respect their own health and take care of it. Awareness raising for nutrition science (to prevent hypertension, diabetes and obesity), child and teenage nutrition, remedial gymnastics, basic physical exercises and motivating people to a healthy lifestyle will serve this purpose. This type of work will be carried out for different population categories and is adjusted to age, medical condition, and to profession,” says Iryna Shkabarnia.

The School is located on the premises of the Petropil outpatient clinic. It has an advanced educational program developed on the basis of modern studies and current information.

In order to motivate community residents to maintain their health and responsibility for the health of others, the Health school will provide high quality preventive care and help improve the health of residents.