An important stage of the Project aiming at the improvement of the social services provision in three Oblasts (Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv and Dnipro) has started.

At this stage we are running the deep analysis of the social services sector, we involve different focus groups (both recipients and providers of social services) to find out ways to make the services more efficient and of higher quality.

Chuhuiv city council. Working group on discussion the strategies for the improvements in social services sector

As a result the Project “Development strategies for the social services system for every partner hromada” will be elaborated.

     List of partner hromadas of the Project

In such a way, for instance, in early January our expert Volodymyr Bulba started his consultation work in Chuhuiv hromada (Kharkiv oblast).

There, he started to interview the representatives of social services of the region. The online survey on the webportal “Social Chuhuiv” and via websites of local NGOs was held.

The important focus is made on the public engagement, meetings with opinion leaders and activists from local organzations working in the social services sector.

This initiative is implemented in the framework of the GIZ Project “Strengthening resources for the sustainable development of host communities in Eastern Ukraine” together with our partner NGO “Institute of the social policy of the region” with the support of German Federal Government.