In early October 2021 our partner the Ukrainian Emergency Service (DSNS Ukraine) received a modern mobile training complex. The complex is designed to train local firefighters (gas and smoke rescue squads) to quicker respond to emergencies and rescue people from dangerous situations. It was delivered to main response unit in Mariupol and due to the mobility will be used to train local rescue brigades all over the Donetsk region.

Gas and smoke rescue service and work they do play important role in the Ukrainian Emergency system. The rescuers from the gas and smoke rescue squads respond to fires, liquidate emergencies and their consequences. The working environment of the rescuers is often connected with limited possibility to breath or see. To reconnoiter, rescue people or valuable assets from buildings or premises in fire require high endurance and skills.

The training complex is designed to create true-to-life “working atmosphere” for firefighters, challenge them to perfect their skills for better performance during real emergencies and contribute to saving more lives and safety of the region.

The complex is equipped with smoke labyrinth chamber which, with aid of a smoke generator, creates the smoked environment with limited view. Stroboscopes, loudspeakers, and heaters add up to the stressfulness of the situation and create the most complicated and realistic scenarios any firefighter can face at work. The rescuer needs to overcome all the stressful factors, remain sound and agile to successfully perform their mission. The heat inside the chamber can reach up to 300 degrees Celsius, the loudspeakers play sounds like crying baby or moans of a dying witch to create distractions on the way.

To train the endurance of Ukrainian firefighters the complex contains special gym equipment like treadmill or an infinite ladder. Such a “workout” wearing heavy protection clothes requires real strength and persistence. During the entire training circle, the health condition (heartbeat, blood pressure etc.) of the rescuer is monitored with special sensors.

The 40-feet container is used to house the smoke chamber, while the smaller one (20-feet) locates the training unit and control console. The special Mercedes and Ford trucks are used to transport the complex.

To bring the complex into action representatives of Mariupol rescue unit of Ukrainian Emergency Service were trained to operate and transport the complex. They visited the manufacturer’s site in Germany in October this year to be fully aware of its functions and mobility options. Last month, a series of trainings took place at the Mobile Rescue Center of DSNS in Kyiv region, to ensure as many capable operators among the staff of DSNS Ukraine in Donetsk region as possible. Moreover, given the mobility of the complex, it can at later stage be used to train firefighters all over Ukraine.