When Yulia first came to attend meeting for teenagers at Child Friendly Space, she was a shy and reserved teenager. She refused any psychologist consultation and was not easy to communicate with.

One day the group was asked to associate themselves with any fruit or vegetable.

“It’s broccoli, because nobody loves it”, − was Yulia’s answer, so that it felt sorry for her and poor vegetable.

With this in mind Yulia continued to attend the classes. She was always alone, rarely smiling and deeply stressed.

As the time passed, with each class, the girl seemed to change slightly. Permanent psychosocial support in a friendly space and creative atmosphere made Yulia reveal her talents and helped in socialization.

The girl became more confident, she gained motivation to change the world around.

She is proactive now and volunteering for numerous events. Just recently she has been involved in a festival “Circle of Friends” as a volunteer.

During last meeting for teenagers at CFS, when asked again about her association, she answered she still felt like broccoli, but in another more positive manner. “I still feel like broccoli but in a different way − it’s fresh, healthy and makes people stronger.

Permanent and mobile Child Friendly Spaces in 3 cities of Zaporizhzhia oblast was a project supported by GIZ based on providing psychosocial support individually and to groups of kids, teenagers and elder people. The main goal of the project was through different kinds of psychosocial support to create a friendly atmosphere, where everyone respects each other, and organize work by means of art-therapy techniques, behavioral psychology and non-formal education.