As the Covid-19 pandemic hit Ukraine in spring of 2020, our Program adapted its work to quickly provide our partners in eastern Ukraine with help based on their needs. First and foremost, our assistance aimed at ensuring our partner’s safety so that healthcare professionals, social services, psychologists, firefighters, teachers or civil society activists could continue their important work under the new difficult circumstances.

The help we provided came in many shapes and formats: to help vulnerable communities in the government-controlled areas of Luhansk and Donetsk our project supplied family doctors with equipment allowing them to treat patients in remote rural areas. We also helped communities with no access to regular pharmacies by delivering sewing machines and materials to local activist, who then quickly produced tens of thousands of reusable facemasks. Together with the Ukrainian Red Cross we provided elderly and disabled people with masks, hygiene kits and information on Covid-19.

Other assistance to all our five oblasts in the East included provision of safety masks, respirators, and PPE. As part of our healthcare program, we managed to quickly renovate 12 Covid-19 treatment facilities while procuring medical equipment, disinfection items and medical furniture to nearly 60 hospitals. At the height of the pandemic in late 2020, we gathered doctors from eastern Ukraine for an open exchange with a German intensive care unit doctor. Our projects also worked on several trainings to help professionals from healthcare, social sphere and education to better deal with the consequences of the pandemic, including the lockdown.

Some of the main results of our work are summarized in the following infographic.