All over the world, healthcare systems have been shaken to the core by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Ukraine, it has put additional pressure on a system already under strain by internal reform processes and by the ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the country.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts are working at the limit of their capacity. Sometimes they lack even the most basic material. Hygienic standards are not always met, and medical tools and equipment are in short supply. And not everyone in eastern Ukraine has equal access to healthcare services.

To deal with this situation, GIZ will supply hospitals in eastern Ukraine that have been designated as COVID-19 treatment centres, with necessary medical items and tools.

This week, six hospitals have already received the first delivery. As part of the GIZ project “Special Assistance Programme for eastern Ukraine (government-controlled areas)” three hospitals in Donetsk and three hospitals in Luhansk oblasts each received infrared thermometers and 100 sets of bed clothing. 4 more deliveries which will include disinfectants, steam sterilizers, professional washing, drying machines and many more are planned to take place this month.

To limit the risk of the new coronavirus spreading inside hospitals, GIZ plans to install sensor-driven taps/elbow taps and plexiglass protection screens as well as boilers and industrial washing machines. Together with information points and a new guiding system, this will lead to a cleaner and safer environment for medical staff, patients and visitors.

The following hospitals are supported:

  • Novogrodivska Сentral City Hospital – Donetsk Oblast (region)
  • Mangush Central District Hospital – Donetsk Oblast (region)
  • Selidovo Central City Hospital – Donetsk Oblast (region)
  • Lysychansk Hospital – Luhansk Oblast (region)
  • Starobilsk District Hospital – Luhansk Oblast (region)
  • Markivka City Hospital – Luhansk Oblast (region)