To simplify the process of financial planning in healthcare facilities and contribute to a wider range and better quality of services for patients and a better working environment for medical staff – it’s all about our new tool VDALO_plan

Well, what is VDALO?

It’s an electronic tool created based on Microsoft Excel, which helps to make financial planning easier, more efficient, and transparent.

Who will benefit from the tool?

Heads and financial staff of healthcare facilities.

So, what are the advantages of Vdalo and how does it help healthcare facilities?

Vdalo_plan_2.0 enables healthcare staff to quickly and effectively calculate revenues and expenses, make the process of calculation and estimation automatic.

This will enable the managers and financial staff of hospitals make successful and efficient managerial decisions. With Vdalo tools in place, it is possible to efficiently handle, distribute and save the costs, what will lead to improved functioning of hospitals. This will guarantee wider range and better quality of services for patients and improved working environment for medical staff.



We developed a cycle of video instructions to help you use it and learn more about its features. 

Please watch them here 👇

And here you can download the tool, comment and ask questions about the use of the tool (Log in like a guest).

We wish you a successful planning! 🤓