There are many children among internally displaced people who require education in kindergartens and schools. However, not all schools and kindergartens have sufficient places available to take on additional students or children. Besides, the premises of many of these institutions are in need of repair, offering a poor learning environment. This is why:

  • The Cluster renovated and refurbished 49 schools and 26 kindergartens providing education to almost 35,000 children. In Berdiansk, for example, six out of a total of 19 schools now have new roofs, windows, sanitary facilities as well as electric and ventilation systems.
  • The Cluster provided furniture for 24 educational institutions including tables, chairs and beds as well as sports equipment and toys.
  • In addition, the Cluster also offered workshops and trainings for almost 900 participants that allowed them to develop their professional and personal skills in the area of education, for example, on inclusive approaches in kindergartens or on the use of music therapy for preschool children.

These activities benefit a total of almost 40,000 people including approximately 3,500 internally displaced people. Now they enjoy better learning conditions and have access to additional opportunities for their personal and professional development.