Municipal services

Centres of Administrative Services are in most cases the first point of contact for internally displaced people who require, for example, registration, accommodation or receiving pensions. As a consequence, the demand for these services has increased rapidly. Capacities, however, are strained – be it due to a lack of adequate premises, outdated equipment or lack of knowledge of how to deal with the influx of so many people. IIPU provide support to such communities:

  • The IIPU renovated and refurbished eight centres of administrative services.
  • They provided IT equipment such as computers, screens and printers for 32 institutions.
  • The IIPU procured furniture such as desks for service centres but also beds, tables, wardrobes for hospital wards. A total of 41 institutions received such support.
  • The IIPU organised 22 trainings for more than 700 participants on topics such as best practices in social service provision, stress management or legal support to IDPs.
  • The programme delivered 33 mobile digital cases to administrate and social centres in Eastern Ukraine.

By improving access to and quality of social and administrative services, the activities of IIPU and their partners benefit potentially 1,000,000 people in Kharkiv, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia regions, among them almost 200,000 IDPs.